Jane Norse, CFA, is the manager of the Beckman Company’s pension fund, which substantially outperformed its benchmark this year. John Beckman is extremely pleased with the fund’s performance and offered Norse and five of her friends an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii with accommodations at a nearby five-star resort. Prior to her trip, Norse described the details of the entire trip to her supervisor in writing. She subsequently completed the trip. According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, has Norse violated any CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct?

A. Yes, because she cannot accept gifts valued at over US$100 from clients.

B. Yes, because accepting the gift will compromise her independence and objectivity.

C. No

Correct answer = C

Additional compensation arrangement can be received only after the written consent from all parties.



对于Additional compensation arrangements,需要披露且得到雇主的书面同意,题目中说,他披露了,但是他未提及是否得到书面同意。我们说,顾客的礼物是可以接受的,A和D(可以接受,但是要揭露且得到书面同意)的表述是不对的;另外,既然披露了,他就没有违反conflict of interest。 此题,可以选择答案为:Yes, because she accept client’s gift without employer’s written consent,就可以选这个了。从本题的描述中,A,B都不是确切的选项。