CFA道德中Guidance for Standards I-VII有考题吗?怎么出考题?


Vishal Chandarana, an unemployed researchanalyst, recently registered for the CFA Level Ⅰexam. After twomonths of intense interviewing, he accepts a job with a stock brokerage companyin a different region of the country. Chandarana posts on a blog how being aCFA candidate really helped him get a job. He also notes how relieved he waswhen his new employer did not ask him about being fired from his formeremployer.

Which CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct didChandarana least likely violate?


A.Loyalty to Employers

B.Reference to CFA Institute, the CFA Designation,and the CFA Program




There is no evidence Chandarana violated Standard Ⅶ(B)-Reference to CFA Institute, the CFA Designation, andthe CFA Program with regard to his being a CFA candidate. Specifically, Chandaranadoes not overstate his competency or imply he will achieve superior performanceas a result of his CFA designation. It does appear, however, Chandarana did notact with integrity when he hid information that could potentially harm his newemployer's reputation, thus violating Standard I(D)-Misconduct and Standard Ⅳ(A)-Loyalty.



这次还是CFA Level Ⅰ道德中的考试题,你知道考的是标准几呢?如果不知道那你即便做对也是不理解这个知识点的,小编给你说说是"Guidance for Standards I-VII",Standard VIl(B)-Reference to CFA Institute, the CFADesignation, and the CFA Program, Standard I(D)-Professionalism, StandardIV(A)-Duty to Employers.