CFA考试中Responsibility of members 这个考点的考题如何考?

备考CFA考试在道德的学习中主要是记忆,那在考试中是要怎么考呢?我们看看Responsibility of members 这个考点的考题就知道了!

After passing all three levels of the CFA exams on her first attempts and being awarded her CFA Charter, Paula Osgood is promoting her new money management firm by issuing an advertisement. Which of these statements would most likely violate the Standard related to use of the CFA designation?

A. "To earn the right to use the CFA designation, Paula passed three exams covering ethics, financial statement amalysis,asset/waluation.and portfolio management."

B. "Paula passed three 6-hour exams on her first attenpts and is a menber of her local investment analyst society.

C."Because of ber extensive training,Paula will be able to achieve better investment results than managers who nave not been awarded the CFA designation."



【解折】 Standard VII(B) Reference to CFA Institute, the CFA Designation, and the CFA Program prohibits members and candidates from implying superior performance as a result of being a CFA charterholder. Concise factual descriptions of the requirements to obtain the CFA Charter are acceptable. Osgood's statement that she passed the exams on her first attempts is acceptable because it states a fact.